Payment gateway Checklist

Need help understating for getting a the Payment Gateway for your website. We need to check few basic things that are essential for website.Checklist

1 Domain Whois must contain your correct contact details
2 Contact us Page: Should contain Firm name, support phone no., Support email id and complete address, the address should match with the address mentioned on Firm Govt. issued certificate.
3 Home Page: Should be accessible from all the pages.
4 About us Page: Firm legal name should be mentioned along with a brief description about the Firm.
5 Product/Service Page: Pricing and Description should be clear.
6 Return, Refund and cancellation policy Page: Should be complete and clear.
7 Shipping/Delivery policy Page: Should be complete and clear.
8 Privacy Policy Page: Should be complete and clear.
9 Terms & conditions and Disclaimer PolicyPage: The T&C should be clear and complete along with the line, “The (website url) is owned and operated By (Firm legal name)” Disclaimer should also be precise.
10 Booking flow: Complete transaction flow till the payment mode selection page should be available.
11 Login and Register Tab: Customer Registration process and guidelines should be available.
12 Should Not Be On the Site: There should not be any dead / non-functional links, Beta Version, Coming Soon Banner, and Password locked web page and Redirection to some other website. Products/Services without pricing – Are not allowed by acquiring banks.

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