new gTLDs on Domain names – .HOST, .WEBSITE & .PRESS

We are re excited to announce that 3 exciting new gTLDs on Domain names – .HOST, .WEBSITE & .PRESS entered GA on 18th September, 2014 entered GA on 18th September, 2014


Why you must not miss these 3 new gTLDs:


As a Web Host/Web Services provider, you should be at the top of the new gTLD wave! .HOST domain is the perfect extension to help you create and establish a unique brand identity and stand out amidst the clutter. CRB has a special promo for .Host for a price
• Better Categorization
Why go for a .com/.net when there is a TLD especially for YOU! As Search Engines adapt themselves to the growing adoption of new gTLDs, ready yourself for the future and ensure that your brand has the perfect extension in the new gTLD space.
• Instant Recognition
Your customers know who you are and what to expect when they come to your site.


With TLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ etc witnessing a shrinking name pool, there is litle scope for short and strong domain names. With .WEBSITE, help your customers get online with a TLD that is truly generic, and fits any type of brand, industry vertical or service! CRB has a special promo for .Website for a price


.PRESS is the perfect extension for your clients associated with the media industry. Both conventional media professionals as well as new media publishers such as bloggers, podcasters and web evangelists are the perfect audience for a .PRESS Domain


Check the availability and register online via


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