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Get SSL SSL certificate in Chennai

Is Your Website Secure For Google

Is Your Website Secure For Google ?

The search engine giant is starting to mark HTTP websites which collect passwords or credit card details as ‘Not Secure’ from January 2017 on Google Chrome.


This year, Google has taken things to the next level, that HTTP websites which collect passwords or credit card information will start being marked as ‘Not Secure’ in Chrome from January 2017, with the launch of Chrome 56. This represents a significant shift from the previously neutral notifications and in time, we can expect to see all HTTP websites being marked as ‘Not Secure’ with a more prominent, red security indicator.

Peace Of Mind For You And Your Customers

A digital certificate helps your customers clarify your identity, especially if you receive sensitive and confidential information and credit card data via online transactions.

Even if your website looks amazing, customers will not want to enter their personal details, if they don’t feel it secure. By having an SSL certificate you can give 100% security assurance to customers, visiting your website.

This will impact website authenticity and may turn people away from visiting sites that do not have https in the address. Take a step ahead, secure your website with the most advanced and economic series of SSL Certificates at


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  1. Every time you log into your admin console for your website’s content management system (CMS), you’re transmitting your user id and password back to the web server for validation and to allow you to log in. Again, someone watching the traffic could grab that data, giving them access to your website.
  2. Google wants user’s experience to be good, and they are encouraging websites to use an SSL certificate to encrypt all data. They have said that it is a ranking signal to the search engine, and can boost a site slightly in the search results.
  3. My personal feeling is that it gives a bit more trust to a website. The more  your visitors trust your website, and by extension, you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

The Disadvantages to Using SSL

As with every positive, there often is a negative, and in the case of setting up SSL on your website, there are a couple:

  1. You’ll take a slight speed hit on your website performance, because every web page request has to be encrypted and decrypted on each end. So the data your website is sending back to the user’s browser has to be encrypted first, then transmitted, then the browser has to decrypt the data before it can be displayed. Google wants fast websites, so converse to the slight boost from having an SSL certificate, you’ll get a small hit on performance.
  2. You have to buy the certificate which can run several hundred dollars depending on the type you get. You have to renew it every 1-3 years as well, so it’s an ongoing cost.
  3. Configuration can be a bit of a challenge. Need involve the techies or pay extra for hosting company.


  • Trust – If you get an EV certificate that shows the green address bar in the browser, you’re going to be giving your visitors a sense of trust. And when they know you’re taking their security seriously, they’re going to be appreciative.
  • Verification – One of the best things about installing an SSL certificate on your server is that it guarantees your visitors you really are who you say you are. This is important when trying to do business online.
  • Integrity of Data – Additionally, with SSL, you can guarantee integrity of data. For example, without SSL, it’s possible to not only intercept data going to and from the web server, but to change it as well!
  • Google and SEO – Last but not least, you have to take into consideration the recent announcements by Google that they’re going to be using whether or not a server uses SSL as a ranking signal.

Letter of Service Tax to be added on upcoming invoices

CRB Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd

Letter of Service Tax to be added on upcoming invoices – Intimation.

Date:Friday, 13 November 2015
Dear Clients,

Warm Greetings and Wishes from Team CRB..
We value your valuable association with us and we would be glad to serve you more in the near future.

Since we have to adhere ourselves to the mandatory compliance governed by the Indian Government, we will be including the service tax component in our invoices raised against the orders placed.

The Government of India has issued a notification (ref Notification No. 22/2015-Service Tax issued by MINISTRY OF FINANCE -DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE) dated 6th November,2015, stating that Swachha Bharat Cess will be levied w.e.f. 14th November, midnight.Accordingly, the revised service tax from 14% to 14.5% will be applicable for all the bills processed from 14th November, 2015 midnight onwards.

Kindly take a note of the same.
all website development, hosting will have a service tax on 14.5%

Feel Free to discuss reg this notice with accounts department @ 044-2620009, 45520009 or email us :

Thanks for your kind support over all these years.

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new gTLDs on Domain names – .HOST, .WEBSITE & .PRESS

We are re excited to announce that 3 exciting new gTLDs on Domain names – .HOST, .WEBSITE & .PRESS entered GA on 18th September, 2014 entered GA on 18th September, 2014


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With TLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ etc witnessing a shrinking name pool, there is litle scope for short and strong domain names. With .WEBSITE, help your customers get online with a TLD that is truly generic, and fits any type of brand, industry vertical or service! CRB has a special promo for .Website for a price


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